Small-business loans are on the rise, however, the size of the loans is shrinking according to data from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy.

The new numbers suggest that small business owners are wary about taking on more debt, and also that banks are still in recovery form the financial crisis.  “Banks are trying to clean out and fix their balance sheets,” says banker Michael Carrazza, “The standard to have a loan approved is higher.”  Furthermore, loans are smaller as a larger number of small loans is less risky for banks than a small number of large loans.  Many small businesses are choosing to go with alternative lenders to meet their needs.  One collateral lender reports that 75% of his business comes from small businesses.  A collateral loan provides small business owners with the cash they need quickly and with no risk to their credit.

Folmar’s works with local business owners and contractors to meet their short term cash needs for payroll, building materials, and to manage their cash flow issues. Folmar’s offers flexible rates and terms for small businesses. Give us a call to see about a small business loan for your business.